Hazardous Waste Collection & Disposal

Our services range from the collection of small consignments of hazardous packages such as Laboratory waste, individual drums/kegs and Gas Cylinder disposal, right through to the regular collections of bulk loads. We are able to supply a service that identifies the description of unknown wastes, the cataloguing of laboratory smalls and the listing of site clearances.

Our in-depth knowledge of the best disposal sites able to deal with specific waste types is a regular benefit relied upon by other waste management companies, and in many instances we may appear on a customers site as an agent for one of the larger more recognised waste management service providers. Reid Waste is able to view each waste stream on its own merits and identify the most cost effective and practical solution to facilitate its subsequent disposal.

This service has been honed over the past decade by understanding the strengths of our partner disposal facilities and using those strengths to identify the best disposal route. This situation has arisen after many years spent building the trust and knowledge of the disposal sites to achieve excellent working relationships

Gas Cylinder Repatriation & Disposal

Our work in the field of gas cylinders has set us aside as one of the premier waste management companies who are able to deal with this very testing subject. We are able to facilitate the return of gas cylinders to their rightful owners and where no return route exists, we have arranged the safe disposal of the gas cylinders using a specialist disposal outlet. In particular, we have prepared full and detailed reports to numerous local authorities detailing what gas cylinders they hold and what routes are open to them for gas cylinder returns.
Laboratory Chemical Disposal

Reid Waste is able to offer a cataloging service to list and categorise any number of miscellaneous chemical smalls. The listing will lead to the correct segregation of materials to ensure safe storage and repacking of such containers in accordance with current transport legislation, to ensure that the waste reaches its end destination safely.

Site Clearances

We have carried out numerous site clearances, many of which have been completed for other larger waste management companies, that do not have either the time or experience to manage such projects.
We are able to supply a sampling service to identify unknown wastes, plus a repackaging service to ensure that road carriage is legally possible. In many instances we will look into cost saving methods for waste bulking on site to ensure that budgets aren’t overstretched.

Waste Auditing & Minimisation

Reid Waste audits focus upon three main areas:

Cost effectiveness
Legal compliance
Best environmental option

Within those categories we are able to analyse the standard of your current contractor, how your waste is handled on site to reduce your waste management burden and what trends you may need to adopt to reduce the waste you generate.

To facilitate a reduced waste management cost we can either produce and monitor a tender document to enable you to form your own relationship with a service provider, or alternatively we can manage the whole project on an ongoing basis. The latter will include a full audit trail of the disposal sites and a monthly waste management report showing the effect of all cost saving initiatives embarked upon.
Many companies will look at waste produced and quote on a like for like basis, however with our vast knowledge and experience in all sectors of the industry, we are able to formulate cost saving methods of handling and innovative ways of meeting the waste hierarchy.

Waste Analysis & Identification

Our experience over many years has enabled us to identify waste streams for disposal purposes, however waste acceptance criteria insists that the waste producer has an in-depth understanding of the waste. To achieve this we are able to employ the correct sampling techniques to achieve a representative sample, which we can then offer for analysis via an independent accredited laboratory.