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Civic Amenity Sites

Foremost for Gas Cylinder disposal in Chester, we have gained invaluable experience in meeting the demands placed upon many civic amenity sites by increasing amounts of difficult and special waste being deposited in their sites. The service includes the identification of unknowns, disposal of lab smalls and photographic chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical disposal, gas cylinder […]

What We Score

Specialist in Special waste disposal in Chester, we still believe in giving the customer a level of service that many other companies can only dream of presenting. All our enquires are followed from cradle to grave by the same person, in that way we can ensure that the service you ask for is the service […]

Recycling Initiatives

Ranging from the recovery of paper to the return of blended solvents to a predetermined customer specification, we have extensive links with many specialist recoverers in the paper, plastics, wood, solvent and card fields who are eager to increase their own recycling portfolio. Where packaging waste is concerned we can offer access to packaging recovery […]

Emergency Collections

We have to date been employed on numerous occasions to collect waste which has been generated as a result of accidental release. We are able to respond quickly to site and have the depth of knowledge to formulate an emergency response to any given problem, whether this is as a result of a spillage or […]